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Gastro-Plex (Pellets) Gastro-Plex (Pellets)

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GASTRO-PLEX™ Pellets provide targeted ingredients to help maintain healthy stomach tissue lining, prebiotics and probiotics for normal digestion and also includes Levucell® SC*, a powerful yeast that helps reduce the risk of colic/digestive disorders by supporting the hindgut. Ideal for horses at risk for gastric upset due to travel, training, competition and/or injury.

  • Gastric Health
  • Digestive Support
  • Helps Support Feed Efficiency
  • Helps Support Nutrient Absorption

 *Levucell® SC is clinically researched and a registered trademark of Lallemand Specialties, Inc. (France)

  Basic management to maintain gastric health:   

  •    Free choice hay 24/7
  •    Minimize high starch commercial feeds
  •    Plenty of fresh water
  •    Reduce Stress
  •    Avoid long-term use of NSAIDs

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