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MVP Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

Breathe'O2 (Paste)

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BREATHE'-O2™ contains science-based active ingredients to support lung/air-way function by soothing nasal passages and supporting normal bronchial function.  A proprietary blend of B-Vitamins provides a source of energy, helps support red blood cell production, cellular health and benefits an overall healthy respiratory/cardiovascular system.


2-Way Support:

  • Lung/Airway science-based actives
  • High level B Vitamins - Oxygen/Energy

Administer 40 ml 30-60 minutes pre-race/exercise. Can also be administered 30 minutes post-race to aid in normal muscle recovery.  Can also be used in conjunctions with Gastro-Plex paste (administered 60-90 minutes pre-race).

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