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Vital Equine

Air-Way EQ (Pellets)

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Airway EQ provides daily support for respiratory function, containing comprehensive ingredient support for healthy soft tissue throughout the respiratory tract and helps promote a natural immune response to seasonal allergies.

Horses challenged with respiratory deficiencies may benefit from the addition of ingredients such as MSM, Spirulina, Hawthorne, Grape Seed Extract, N- Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC), Vitamins A and K to support a natural inflammatory response, respiratory health and immune function. Managing allergies and EIPH requires daily actions to help strengthen the airways and make breathing easier. The easier it is for a horse to breathe, the less strain there is on the lungs.

  • Support Lung/Soft Tissue 
  • Seasonal Allergy/Immune Support
  • Respiratory/Cellular Response
  • Blood Vessel/Capillary Function



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