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MVP Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

Calmex V (Paste)

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Calmex-V paste contains high levels of active ingredients including Valerian Root and Tryptophan, to help support a healthy nervous system.  Excellent for competition, training and trailering. This convenient paste is ideal for providing extra support in new situations and during times of stress.This formula may be administered in addition to a daily serving of Calmex or Calmex-V powder. 

Suggested use: Use 2-4 hours before trailering, competing, or before or during any stressful situation.

  • Promotes a healthy nervous system and supports calmness in horses.  
  • Specially designed for horses that show signs of hyperactivity or nervousness, or horses that are extra responsive to stress in their environment.
  • Beneficial for any horse that is stressed by trailering, vet visits, is easily excitable, or for hot performance horses that become excitable prior to competition.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Packaged as single, ready to use tubes.

  *Check competition rulings regarding the use of Valerian Root.

** Due to state regulations, this product is not for sale in the states of California and Vermont. Orders placed containing this item will not ship and will be automatically refunded.


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